Spiritual Protection Ritual

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RSVP your spot on our growing list now. 

How to work with the Higher powers and Universe to protect yourself.

 Spiritual Protection is absolutely necessary to live on this Planet.

There are OTHERS amongst us DAILY

From Angels to Demons and the IN-Betweens 

From people you know to people you THINK you know.

Everything is energy 

And if you are not surrounded by the right energy 

SHIT can happen to you 

Or loved ones around you.

Just because you may not see it or them..doesn't mean they don't exist.

Navigating through this world with Spiritual Soldiers is A MUST!

Because we live on a battlefield of spiritual warfare that can manifest onto physical warfare, unnecessary issues, situations and BAD MINDED people!

 These can interfere with our life unless we change, shift, and do something about it. 

Standing still does NOTHING!!!

You gotta take ACTION!

This Saturday   we are doing SPIRITUAL PROTECTION RITUAL at 8PM EST on ZOOM. This ritual is about removing the obstacles such as outer obstacles - from your circle who do not have the best interests or intentions for you. AND its a ritual to remove inner obstacles which you have created. Alot of Problems and Enemies come from past issues you have chosen not to deal with and have moved on with your life with huge mountains and walls in the way that you made. You gotta remove them in order to have a more happier, freer life and have flow of abundance of success, and to shield up with  Shield of Protection that will last you 7-10 days with this ritual. Its a very powerful ritual that works! 

If you related to any of the examples above, then this RITUAL is for you.

Sign up now and hold your spot in the SPIRITUAL PROTECTION RITUAL.

Even if you are unable to attend physically to the LIVE EVENT, you will still receive the ritual frequencies and power, and protection.

Sign up now and you will get an email with a link to a private Zoom room for the LIVE EVENT and instructions on how to write your Petition for this ritual and send it back to us. You will be added to the growing List. 


Saturdays 8:00 PM EST LIVE!

See you there! 


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