Meditation Deluxe Bundle

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The Meditation Deluxe Bundle is HERE!!!! 

Get everything in the Meditation Bundle, PLUS add in the NL Palo Santo set!!!! 


The Meditation Deluxe Bundle continues our series of new products we are bringing to NAJAAM LEE'S HEALNG SHOP! 

Start your meditation RIGHT with Patchouli, Nag Champa/or Lemongrass and Lumbini rope incenses and the bestseller NL PALO SANTO.  

Lets breakdown the benefits of this amazing deluxe bundle: 


1. Patchouli is excellent for 

  • relieving depression.
  • providing feelings of relaxation and helping to ease stress or anxiety.

2. Nag Champa is excellent for

  • purifies any environment, energetically transforming your space into a meditation room, naturally clearing out any negative energy and filling it with positive vibrations. 

(Lemongrass is excellent for

  • cleansing your space as well as enhancing your mental clarity, focus and awareness. It helps you to be open towards others and their ideas. Lemongrass is a beautiful incense to burn if you are attempting psychic work as it will help to open you up to communication from the other side. 

3. Lumbini is excellent for 

  •  to release stress, depression and tension
  • great for meditation and spiritual practices 

Use all 3 (three) at once or one by one, whichever you choose, choose the Meditation Bundle today! 

3 packs of rope incenses, approximately 135 - 140 ropes. 


4. NL PALO SANTO is excellent for: 

NL Palo Santo aka Holy Wood, is hand selected and infused and blessed for the purpose of Cleansing your body, mind, emotion, spirit and your space including home, office, vehicle, etc...  and Protection. Removing any cling-ons, negative energies, negative entities. It is also a great remedy for healing body pain, inflammation, stress and anxiety.  

This bundle is a Must Have! 

Buy Now!


***Please Note: we do replace the Nag Champa ropes with Lemongrass ropes at times because Nag Champa has been hard to ship to the USA lately due to Covid. ***

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DONNA Watkins
Meditation Deluxe Bundle

I am loving my meditation ropes included. This was my first time using the rope incense, I am really liking them along. I will purchase again.