Kill Anxiety Bundle Kit!

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Having Anxiety, such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD), is NO JOKE! 

It can eat away at your whole day preventing you from completing simple tasks. 

My job requires me to be super focus and centred everyday, but I can tell you its a tough thing to keep up with. 

I personally do not like losing a day or even feel like I lost a day because it brings on a high stress, high anxiety episode at times. 

If you can relate please let me know. 

That's why I created this bundle.

Anxiety affects everyone. We all have experienced it. But there are many types of anxiety that affects many of us on a deeper level. This includes G.A.D, Social Anxiety Disorder, Panic disorder,  PTSD, and many more. 

Did You Know Women Are Twice More To Be Affected of an Anxiety Disorder? 

As a Mom, with GAD, at times I can get caught up in the worrying cycle that takes me out of being centred, calm and in control. 

When I'm calm, centred, and in a happy space, I am clear, focused and can accomplish so many things and tasks in my day. I feel good and I am in control and that is EMPOWERING! 

This bundle kit I have will move you further away from high stress, anxiety,  pain, depression and much more.

So that you can take back your life, take back control over anxiety and Take Back Your Power! 

I use this Bundle Kit all the time, especially on days when I know it may get a little crazy! But the results are wonderful and i can live again. 

The Kill Anxiety Bundle Kit includes:

  1. The Book: Kill Anxiety Live Immensely(paperback) charged and infused with the essence of Goddess KALI MA. 
  2. NL Palo Santo Set - 3 NL Palo Santo Sticks charged with clearing mind and space and infused with protection. 

Every KILL ANXIETY BUNDLE KIT comes with additional seasonal gifts that focus on your healing anxiety, bringing peace, tranquillity and clarity. 

So, look out for your special gift inside 🎁