Welcome to the VIP MEMBERS CLUB!

If you have any ideas for a "proper" name to call us, please reply :) 

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For new members, welcome to Najaam Lee's Healng Shop aka NL HEALNG SHOP.

The motto is " there's no " i " in healng because it takes WE to heal.

Our goal at the Shop is to provide each and every customer and VIP member the best shopping experience and the best quality lux products for healing and protection.

These 2 essentials are keys to having a beautiful and full life. 

Healing our mind, body, spirit and emotion gives us a stronger and more firmer foundation to stand and walk on in life. When 1 out of the 4 bodies is UN-balance, its like a domino affect that manifests in other areas of our lives. 

Being in the frequency of healing creates an abundant flow. 

Order our custom designed, cleansed, charged and Goddess Kali energy infused Pillow 

Therefore, the products we carry are selected very carefully. We are always thinking about our VIP members and customers when we choose our lux products. 

Najaam, especially, will select products based on her own experiences with them, as well as test each product for quite a period of time before recommending to her clients and adding it to the shop.

Also, for the upcoming products she is making and will drop soon, are SUPER ENERGISED and POWERFUL. (((( we are ready for them to come!!!))))

And 2, Protection is the number 1 essential to have while living on earth. Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual attacks do happen. They do exist. 

On a daily basis, unnecessary energy is stolen from us. leaving you feeling weak, tired, confused, mad/upset for no apart reason, and its because many of us leave ourselves WIDE-OPEN. 

Protecting yourself Spiritually is IMPORTANT to do on a daily

And so, these 2 essentials are a MUST and that is why its the main-foundational focus of Najaam Lee's Healng Shop for ALL our customers. 


Thank you for connecting with us, supporting us and we look forward to continue to serve you as we continue to grow!


Love. Light and Highest Frequency,

Najaam P Lee, and 

Team NLHS 


OOOOHHH!   PS. Come see me LIVE! Yep... look 

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