If you haven't heard it is festival week... rather, festival month! 
And starting today, in Africa, specifically in a northern place called TAMALE, the Fire Festival is happening. 
Its called Bugum Chugu


The Bugum Chugu Fire Festival in Northern Ghana, is one of the most important holidays among people of Dagbon, but is well known also among Gonja, Mamprusi and Nanumba, all living in the Northern part of Ghana. It is celebrated at the beginning of every lunar year and therefore signifies the beginning of the New Year. In Dagbani language, fire festival is called “Bugum Chugu”.

Celebrate with us today!

The first month of so-called Dagomba calendar is called “Bugum Goli” (month of fire). If you travel around Northern Ghana just when fire festival takes place, you should observe, or, if you dare, join the crowd on the streets and experience how exciting and crazy this festival can be!

Starting today also, all the Elders and Chiefs of each community in Tamale, Ghana are taking turns in prayers at the shrines. They are doing prayers, rituals and more to offer to our ancestors and to the communities that will help in being prosperous, success to all communities etc. 

It's an amazing time. AMAZING! 

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Send some prayers to your ancestors, set new intentions for the New Year and go SHOP NOW and receive your special discount at checkout!


Let's Celebrate!

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