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    Incense- scent of the goddess

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Incense-Crystals Rituals-Books

We carry products that helps you:

* Relax and Sleep soundly

* Create a peaceful room or office

* Make clear and confident decisions

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white marble burner bowl

White Marble Burner Bowl

Perfect for burning incense, resin, charcoal...

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OMG GUYS!! I received my package from @nlhealngshop and I'm on cloud 12!!! Not only was the package beautifully packed, but I felt the amazing energy before I even opened the mailer!!! Thank you #nlhealngshop !! Everyone check them out for all your spiritual needs. Especially the NLPALOSANTO

NOA. Healing

Got my products from #NLHEALNGSHOP They smell sooooooooo good!!!


YESSSS! I love it so much.This smells so good. I'm about to burn those rope incense. Thank you so much! The packaging was so nice and welcoming. I loved everything!